Our friends the wasps: an introductory course

Im Rahmen der Entwicklung des COVID-19 kann es sein, dass verschiedene Veranstaltungen abgesagt wurden. Wir raten Ihnen, sich im Voraus beim Veranstalter der jeweiligen Aktion zu melden. Bitte respektieren Sie auch die von der Regierung vorgegebenen Sicherheitsmaßnahmen.


  • 7 pm to 7.05 pm   Welcome
  • 7.05pm-7.45pm Biology and behaviour of social and solitary wasps
  • 7.45pm-8.15pm Day-to-day practice and advice & finding a solution for wasp nests
  • 8.15pm-8.30pm Break
  • 8.30pm-9.15pm Introduction to the Wasp Network & exchange with members

 Registration until 4pm on Friday, 9 April

A good season for wasps means that many people feel harassed by them in late summer. This can often lead to them being killed by insecticides, although it is often unnecessary. Usually a few explanations and simple steps are enough to improve the coexistence with these prickly beneficial insects.

Since 2018, the fire department only comes in emergencies to destroy wasp nests, resulting in a growing number of requests for advice on wasps being directed to natur&ëmwelt.

natur&ëmwelt is organising an introductory course in English on the wasps of Luxembourg to raise awareness of their importance in the ecosystem, controlling insect populations and pollinating flowers.  The first part of the course will introduce you to the species of wasps, and how to identify them and their nests.  The second part is for those who are interested to join the Wasp Network.

Registration by mail at reservation@naturemwelt.lu.

Veranstalter : natur&ëmwelt a.s.b.l.
Téléphone : 29 04 04-1