Bee Active – create habitat for insects in a dry grassland meadow

Malgré l'évolution du COVID-19, il est possible que plusieurs événements aient été annulés. Nous vous conseillons de contacter à l'avance l'organisateur de l’activité en question. Veuillez également respecter les mesures de sécurité prescrites par le gouvernement.

You have very likely noticed that you need to clean your car windshield less often than you did years ago. When you are driving on a sunny summer’s day, rarely do insects hit your windshield. Last year, research undertaken by the Entomological Society Krefeld uncovered the numbers behind this phenomenon: a reduction of more than 75% of the flying insect biomass in the last 27 years (footnote 1).

You can contribute to reversing this situation by working with natur&ëmwelt to actively maintain an important dry grassland in the Deiwelskopp nature reserve, near Moersdorf.

We will create heaps of stones to serve as habitat, for example, for reptiles and insects. Clearing the ground of stones will allow the area to be scythed to keep it open as a meadow for flowering plants, important food sources for pollinators. Seeds from other calcareous grasslands will be sown to enhance the flora biodiversity. An explanation of the importance of our work will be given at the event. After our hard work, soup will be provided at the site. If you would prefer vegetarian soup, please let us know.

Please register on or before Wednesday, 27 November. After your registration, you will receive details of the meeting location near Moersdorf. If the weather conditions are unfavourable, you will receive a cancellation email.

What to wear/bring:

  • footwear, ideally boots, with a good grip, and
  • clothes suited to the weather conditions that you do not mind getting wet and dirty.
  • gloves,
  • at least 1 litre of drinking water and
  • a change of clothes.

Tools will be provided.

  • Organisation: Bee Together et natur&ëmwelt
  • Arrêt le plus proche: Moersdoerf, Ierwescht Duerf
  • Contact: John Park, Bee Together ou Georges Moes and Elena Granda Alonso, natur&ëmwelt